Today I Thought

by Lisa O’Neil Guerci

Today I thought of
the word glorious
and all that it holds
like a vessel,
a chalice.

I thought of grace as a container, too
which carries the human
and the holy.

I thought again of fairies;
their tiny kingdoms of enchantment
invisible until the searching.

I thought of how
I want to regard myself
as a sort of Queen;
regal yet humble,
my head balancing a crown
not bestowed,
but earned.

I thought of my bare feet
sunken into the verdant green
of moss,
at one with the earth.

I thought about my head
in the stars,
my hands in hard work-
giving care and compassion,
while clouds of ethereal inspiration
stir and swirl.

I thought of the mountain
which is the journey –
the steps ,
the moment where only
the next foothold exists

don’t look down
for that’s where fear is

don’t look up
for there is the distance yet

Today I thought of
the mystery of the invisible
the authentic
the dreams and revelations
concepts and ideas
which still await,

holding out their hands to me.

© 2022 Lisa O’Neil Guerci All rights reserved.

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