In 2021 Westchester Writers Workshop launched a new on-line magazine, confetti, to provide a forum for local and global writers to present their work to readers world-wide and receive comments. Our Writer Profiles pages showcase contributors to confetti.

confetti publishes literary works across most genres in our Spring edition in May and Fall edition in November. Follow our guidelines on how to submit.

confetti was developed via a group effort by members of the Westchester Writers Workshop and is sponsored by the Somers Library in Somers, New York.

Our magazine’s name is derived from a Hangman drawing left on the whiteboard in the meeting room at Somers Library where Westchester Writers Workshop meetings are held. We felt confetti was a fitting name for a magazine that celebrates a scattered diversity of writings.

confetti Hangman game
Partial credit for our web magazine name goes to whoever left this Hangman on the whiteboard at Somers Library.


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