autumn’s gift of dawn

by Lisa O’Neil Guerci

What did I do
to deserve a morning
dawning such as this?

Its bursting at seams
which stitch night to light
with secrets to tell
and promises to keep.

The sun seems especially kind today
with its warm smile-

like a child’s idea of it;

an exuberantly scribbled drawing~
fiery flames of
yellow and orange squiggles.

A benevolent being
lives in the sky,
whose rays
so generously zig zag through trees
and dance,
dappling early autumn’s leaves,

and as if that isn’t enough,
throws twinkling diamonds
with wild abandon
upon the lake’s
rippling surface

upon which tiny whitecaps
the wind creates
have a sound;

surely that of children

The sun is
a dear friend visiting,
with a whole day full of blessings
in its arms-

lingering until late afternoon
when longer shadows
arrive, and the sky
turns indigo.

Waiting to welcome the moon,
the day graciously
takes its sweet time
saying ‘so long’-

with the warmest
of lingering embraces

until tomorrow.

© 2020 Lisa O’Neil Guerci All rights reserved.

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