The Crone’s Fire

by Mary Kennelly

I was surprised to discover that even as a Crone

those fiery parts of me have not been totally undone.

It seems that I can be drawn into pleasure’s sweet distraction.

Your absence from my bed fires my blood and fills my dreams.

And I find I can still yearn for the taste and the touch of you,

And long to see a fire that I have lit behind your eyes.

I can ache for you to break me and then re-make me new.

I can desire to be the place where your thoughts go.

I can be greedy for your heft and for the heat of you,

For the simple joy of reaching out and touching you.

I only wish I could weave another world for you and me,

Where I’d set aside the Crone and let you see my truth.

Because it is in your absence that I can finally see

How much the Crone commands the Maid, the Mother and me.

© 2022 Mary Kennelly  All rights reserved.

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