Horse Feathers

by Lawrence Miles

Growing up I always thought
Living in New York City
Meant an Upper East side apartment
In a high-rise near the 59th St bridge
Neatly furnished
And you would sit in a lounge chair
Window open slightly to let
The ambience of the FDR Drive seep in
While you lay on the couch
Cocktail on a side table
Watching a Marx Brothers film
On Channel 13
Perhaps roused from slumber
By the Star-Spangled Banner
As the broadcast day came to an end

While it didn’t work out that way
I still get wistful
Going down the FDR drive
Looking up at the high-rises
I still scan the TV listings
Looking for Saturday night Marx Brothers films
I try to make the cocktails count
And I appreciate the ambience that I have crafted
I didn’t make it to Manhattan
But I did make it.

© 2023 Lawrence Miles  All rights reserved.

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