What God Hath Wrought

by J.P.J. Fox

“Our government is in a constitutional crisis,” self-proclaimed sage Ryder Milton tweeted to his 633,535 followers.

“All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest,” Phoebe Pratt, his strongest pundit with 818,990 followers replied. 2,014 trolls flamed her. 607 Paul Simon fans liked.

Meanwhile on Instagram, Lisa called Bonnie “a total ho.” Bonnie replied that Lisa was a lesbian. Unfounded teenage libels.

Raymond searched “pipe bomb” and found instructions. He made 15.

178 years ago, the first telegraph was demonstrated in Morse code, sent to 1 person: WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT

© 2022 Jason Paul Fox  All rights reserved.
Credit to Paul Simon for lyric borrowed.

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