Fall 2023 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Fall 2023 edition of confetti.


Fiction by:  Jeanne Althouse, Maureen Mancini Amaturo, Roly Andrews, Bevy Daniel, Sushma R. Doshi, Christine M. Du Bois, J.P.J. Fox, Evie Groch, Sarah Das Gupta, Maggie Nerz Iribarne, Peace Nkeiruka Maduako, Keith Manos, Axel Martens, Mahvash Mohtadullah, Ryan Tan, E.C. Traganas, Judy Voss

Non-fiction by:  Malcolm Culleton, John RC Potter

Poetry by:  Barbara Alfaro, Janice Boland, Mimi Bordeaux, Salvatore Difalco, Hunter Duffy, John Grey, James Croal Jackson, Nikkilee Kozminsky, Jhemar Lagata, Oksana Lizunova, Lisa Low, Ben Macnair, margie marek, Ron Riekki, Gabriel Sebastian

Cover art by:  Janis Butler Holm


Judy Voss, Nikkilee Kozminsky

See the full Table of Contents.

confetti cover image
confetti cover – Fall 2023, Volume 3 No. 2
Cover art “Floral Gazebo in the Wind” by Janis Butler Holm


Published by Westchester Writers Workshop

Westchester Writers Workshop is a group in Westchester County, New York that meets twice per month to share and critique members' works in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our goal is to help each other become better writers. See the About > Westchester Writers Workshop page for more info.

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