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Greetings dear reader!

Welcome once again to confetti.

Our sixth issue, Volume 3, Number 2, promises more of what we believe are various worthy voices of writers and poets from around the world. We are grateful to everyone who sends us their art, their messages, their feelings, and their stories. We present all in their own excellence, and our endeavor to curate a remarkable sampling and a cohesive variety leads us to this exciting issue.

We are featuring two distinctive contributors within our pages—a poet and a writer. Our featured writer is a regular contributor, Judy Voss, whose short stories and micro-fictions bring a much-needed mix of humor and wistful sentimentality. Our featured poet, Nikkilee Kozminsky, is a newcomer to the pages of confetti, but her freestyle poetry bursts with vivid and visceral emotional expressions.

Our cover flaunts the artwork of Janis Butler Holm, who shares her “Floral Gazebo in the Wind.”

We are excited by our new addition for experiencing the poetry in confetti! Now, eclectic voices can be heard as well as read! We’ve asked poets to provide recordings of their poems recited in their own voices or read by guest performers. Poetry is meant to be read aloud, and now our readers can hear the unique voices of contributing poets. Check out the embedded audio console in selected poems and be sure to comment on these and all your favorite poems and stories.

Looking ahead—for now, we will continue to publish our regular Spring Edition, anticipated May of 2024. Submissions for Spring are already heating up, so send yours by March 1.

From all our selectors, our formidable and focused webmaster, and on behalf of Westchester Writers Workshop, I would like to thank you for your submissions, your readership, and your support.

Enjoy confetti and celebrate eclectic voices!

~Gabriel Sebastian
Editor-in-chief, confetti

November 2023

Published by Westchester Writers Workshop

Westchester Writers Workshop is a group in Westchester County, New York that meets twice per month to share and critique members' works in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our goal is to help each other become better writers. See the About > Westchester Writers Workshop page for more info.

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