Wait, Wait

don’t wait
fat old sun don’t know haste
he moves with cosmic grace
no guile in purpose
no hate
and we only fool ourselves with now and never

don’t wait while cicadas burst the crusty earth
don’t wait for whales to roll on sandy shoals
impotent onlookers litter their resting place

don’t wait for green

don’t wait for automate – shun ease and laze of this soft life
don’t wait for dunk tanks and gallows, crow cages and pyres
burn sage instead, jump the broom and hang the livestock

don’t wait for your lottery savior
come redeem your sinful debt, heinous spending, sugar greed pate
absolution by soothing fire

the sun cares not for hesitation
your lateness
your blind supplication

he burns and burns

~Gabriel Sebastian
November 2016

© 2016 Gabriel Sebastian  All rights reserved.

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