by Mahbubat Salahudeen

It often happened at dinner
              the whistling, then came the blast
          followed by an expulsion of breath and knowing
      that I have been spared _
but only just

while somewhere, amid cries
               and choking clouds of smokes, there
                       was a scrambling, a barehanded digging
          of pulling out debris, what remained of a sister, a brother
                                                      a grandmother

i wasn’t at all surprised
       when father said _
   fate is what is beyond man’s control
        in every book, everyone has a chapter, we are
are mere words in pages

of reincarnated scripts
            we come back again
                                   we are mere characters
entertaining     God
                                       but then I wondered

if God was smiling
             or sobbing when our
           breaths was rinsed by death
while we entertain

© 2022 Mahbubat Salahudeen  All rights reserved.

“Unearthly” has been featured on Aayo Magazine and Ice Lolly Review.

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