this impossibility

by Oksana Lizunova

                    this impossibility
                    of relativity,
                    these are the details
                    of prediction,
                    these signs of certainty:
                    read it or not read it,
                    this verbal omnipotence
                    as the queue of days,
                    as the road to the distance
                    of centuries,
                    as the sun is silent,
                    is burning,
                    this silence,
                    like a shadow of someone
                    no one notices,
                    like holy bread
                    that ripens in the field,
                    as waiting
                    for the solemn part
                    of love
                    in the open air,
                    where is every person
                    fleeing from war
                    invited to perform
                    to interpret
                    your own history

                       © 2023 Oksana Lizunova  All rights reserved.

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