The Woman I Favoritely Loved

by Maid Čorbić

One autumn night with lots of raindrops
I asked you to comfort me in moments of misfortune
though I knew it might never be the same again
because I was no longer the same man for you
for whom you considered me to the end of this world

I sought freedom in other women
and I never found out the reason for my accident
so I believe there is a reason for everything
and that time will often show some things
only I always trusted myself unfortunately

now that I am left without anyone in the world
I would just like to hug you again
but not worth it because your touch is of gold
while I can only watch you reluctantly
as you go into the last twilight before the heavy rain

and faith in me begins to fade easily
I never asked you to be the leader of my story
but only to realize that I was a bad man
because in others I have unfortunately privileged only myself

was selfish, so lightly forgot about you
but I am a man without a hair on my tongue
while I open the bulky door, metal and difficult
just hope to to understand the cap my attitude now
and that is that I was wrong for the rest of my life that I was bad

I hated smoking two-dollar cigars
but I have said very clearly that you have been my happiness of all ages
although we had a lot of disagreement around us
where bloodshed often ended fatally
it is a privilege to hear your advice sometimes
which I often avoided hearing

it was a privilege to listen to your words and kind words
but I am only a loser of this time
because I have not learned that a woman must be respected
and that always one rhyme all the brothers close

and now I regret not listening to you, and my ego is passing
years do not make me still a happy man
because I don’t have you like I used to
love slowly fashes
memories do not come back
and I would love to be together

it was a privilege to be a part of your life
whatever he was and whatever people said
yes, I loved you immensely to the skin
only arrogance transformed our every day
in the strangeness of cold celestial arias and forecasts
from which I could not escape
and that is that I am for all guilty
only times goes back
you are happy with others
and I will somehow learn the lessons
before I realize just one
that I have been your immense privilege
I just didn’t figure it out in time!

© 2022 Maid Čorbić  All rights reserved.

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