The Original

by margie marek

The Carbon-Copy went around making trouble.
Looked so much like The Original,
everyone thought they were seeing double.

The Original receded into the shadow it cast;
to be a vestige of its past.

Overshadowed by its shadow,
The Original dulled,
tasted bland,
wilted; fell flat.
It looked in the mirror and said, “Who’s that?”

The Carbon-Copy stole its game;
took its life,
usurped its name.

The Original became jaded,
into the margins of life it faded.

This empty new existence bored a hole in its brain.
The Original will never be the same.

Faced with a choice
The Original paused;
avoided the violence,
and listened to the silence.
Day after Day, the sun came up;
followed by Night,
when the curtains were shut.
The decision became clear as time marched on.
The Original started to live
its New-Original song.

© 2020 margie marek All rights reserved.

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