The Helicoid

by margie marek

The helicoid
Getting more
and more annoyed;
this abyss
was endless.

On a platform it landed,
and figured a “rock bottom” it was handed.
With no breeze blowing,
nor cow lowing,
not a single tree to see
or sway,
the helicoid rolled away.
To avoid falling backward,
it hoped and prayed.
As it’s movement went underway,
it opted for UP,
where the sky isn’t gray;
filling it’s days with laughter and play.
One hundred and eighty degrees, that day,
it rotated;
enjoyable things weren’t as appreciated.

Once again,
the helicoid was annoyed.
This time it knew it wasn’t up to you.
It gathered its strength, courage and moxie,
turned it’s frown upside down,
and painted the town,
ending up in a Jazz bar in Biloxi.

© 2020 margie marek  All rights reserved.

The helicoid is shaped like Archimedes' screw, but extends infinitely in all directions.
The Helicoid

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