by Marianne Tefft

I don’t believe in it but I know it’s true
I always say when people ask me
About reiki or astrology or heaven
I even have my favorite archangel
Michael because he’s the big boss
And his aegis is my favorite color
Like the porch roofs in Gullah country
Painted spirit blue to ward off evil
So when I awakened at 4 a.m. in a soaking sweat
Call it mother-daughter telepathy
Or some kind of blessed synchronicity
That I was not the least surprised to learn
She was calling my name 6,000 miles away
En route to a Dutch hospital
At the very hour my panicked ululations
Rang out across the cane fields
And soft narrow beaches of Marie Galante
Hours before the first ferry
Because I knew something was terribly wrong
With my only child

© 2023 Marianne Tefft  All rights reserved.

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