by Lisa O’Neil Guerci

confetti that glimmers
and dirt
the tumbleweed stuff
of hopes
and hurt

stardust detritus
the crushed shells of time
sandgrains of memory,
gold unrefined

brushed off,
these contents of days
jagged shards of glass
lining the way

birdseed strewn
without a care
the cats dander
a few stray hairs

fibers and lint
found on the sheets

dust mites and
crumbs that we eat

all this and more
comprise souldust
we’ve made

the cells of mere body
is all that will fade

dandelion fluff
and cornsilk
blown by fate’s last breath

time is measured
as present
and past

as birth
and life
and death

but come what might
and come what may
the sun rests
at the feet
of dusk’s
end of day

and the soul knows 
no time
no rot
no decay

we’re souldust
life’s glitter

the potter’s crushed clay.

© 2021 Lisa O’Neil Guerci  All rights reserved.

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