Sensual Dictates

by Bidisha Chakraborty

I am serving Bacchus’s wine
To drown you into a narcotic sleep
I step,
You are aroused,
You are jabbed

You secrete vulnerable sensations
Where are your trousers ?
Don’t threat me with phatic gestures ?
You have lexical errors
You symbolize vacant
The aesthetic recognition of love
Were never your discourses
You drank Freudian wine, ruined id,ego, super-ego

My gazes are your pillow covers
My lips pale with strawberry lullabies
“Sit on my lap. Take a long cool sip”*
I will colonize you,
With ecstasies, with animal affections
I will molest your emotions,
Your phallic dominance,
Your unauthorized prostrations,
Your fossil love

I split on your duplicate kindness
Sex ! Sex ! Sex ! Sex Tonight
No ! its six..six..six..six..two..nine
Sex !
Six !
I remind you of your lexical errors,
You glorify in Freudian hangover.

* a dialogue from Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming, Act 1

© 2022 Bidisha Chakraborty  All rights reserved.

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