Pictogram Explanations

by Maid Čorbić

Love has been killing everything in me for ten years
I fill the decade with pride with a glass of wine
half drunk; symbols of lost life
for all that I wanted to accomplish with you

My persistent rule written in pictograms always
is to be someone who will not leave me
and to play by the rules as they dictate
giving love to me is not just a word

Sometimes there are deeds; they turn us into people
because I can’t understand this world at all
to celebrate love with confetti and consider it alive
and behind every love stood always fight argumentation

I was always the one from the backyard who gave emotions
and I did not want to say a word to you
because I would know that then I would blow things up a lot

It smells like trouble this August summer is coming
my November makes no sense at all anymore
because I always tried pictograms
explain their behaviors; but it is obvious that I am a mistake

What good is it when I’m not yours
and to fight – for who?
maybe I must to go away from you
and apologise for everything for the last time
move to new life and be proud on self

Time will always be against me settled
but I know that life is transient many times
love isn’t too good for me in this time
so I will be forever alone to the death!

© 2021 Maid Čorbić  All rights reserved.

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