Obtuse Obscurantisms [iii]

by Gerard Sarnat

i. subtle absurdity

some folks (perhaps all, & I am just not observing other bodies)
have commodity runs, maybe changing glasses frames every year
whereas Gerry only gets new ones if my style is no longer available
would guess occurs in neighborhood of once per decade
                                                                                          though yesterday
for a very 1st time you began to understand or realize, after 2-term-President
or even cicada lifecycle periods of wearing that single quite old pair of slippers
over last most recent era, it appears Sarnat’s become sooo promiscuously volatile

ii. Shrews [Or, Too Verbal Gerbil]

No not one of those small insectivorous mammals resembling field mice
with long-pointed snouts plus tiny beady eyes that shine under our forest’s full moon
and scare my family out for a night walk with flashlights almost to death.

Nada rather I am talking about the more familiar to many Shakespearian sorta animals
by which Gerardo is referring shrewdly to taming/ being tamed conjugally
as conjure up image what’s meant when just spat at your better half, Quit shrewing me!

iii. Pillow Talk [Clueless At First With No Hunch]

Bubby assumed Gerry gathered all our den well as living room throw cushions
then rearranged ‘em in window-seat alongside some Kenya or New Guinea artifacts
but Coach figured she did. Right before turning out the lights and wishing each
other good night, my spouse (yes, slightly accusingly) asked what in hell I had done
to her furniture: turns out in fact ‘twas three-year-old grandson’s housekeeping
chores with nada word while you were cooking guacamole-beans-rice-tortillas lunch.

© 2022 Gerard Sarnat  All rights reserved.

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