Name Sake

by Bruce McRae

The usual nightmares and daydreams…
Hearing about a man who named his children
after seasons and days of the week.
Calling Winter home from the fields.
Warning Tuesday about the consequences of bad decisions.
Sending Saturday in search of Spring.

What affect, naming your offspring Jupiter Junebug
or Moonbeam or Meadow McMeadow?
Traffic cops eyeballing your license without mercy.
Coevals sniggering when you’re called to the principal’s office –
some slight, some issues you carry like a bad name
you wouldn’t call your dog, the hapless critter
embarrassed, tail-tucked, its moniker a designation lasting a lifetime.
When you’re named after Seraphim in a dead language.
When a rose is not a Rose, but a Rain or Rocket.

© 2021 Bruce McRae  All rights reserved.

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