Marici, Endowed with Light on Summer Solstice

In summer sun worshippers
lay body sacrifice on
gravel glass
by the ruptured sea.
Serious meditations on fertility.
Thirsty looks on virgin souls.

Meanwhile, clockwork town grinds to a halt.
Something’s wrong.
Shopkeeps take to stoops.
Gutters run dry.

Three magicians ride into town like old time western outlaws.
They wage silent combat on soft apprentices,
practice forbidden incantations.
Who’s quicker on the draw?
A contest of wills won through doubt,
flaws in mental armor.
Belief is insufficient and the town withers.

Uninspired by
rusty machinations, hypnotism struggles and
naked sun bathers,
Marici observes, unamused.

~Gabriel Sebastian
June 2016

© 2016 Gabriel Sebastian  All rights reserved.

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