Grey Wolf Arisen

by Andrew Crellin

Amongst filthy sheep.
Slayer in darkness, a hunter.
Cloak little ones and lock the gates.

Summit beyond visage.
Abhor? Malign? Fear?
Away from aversions and contemptible concerns.

Soothsay… …celestial.

Created foreign.
Curling lips silently dressing barbs.
Securitizing vital destruction.
Help? Save? Protect?
Not of the pack.

Cursed… …sorrowed.

Dreaded, not solitary.
Many slayers lie within the fragile valley.
Predators and Saviors, acknowledging one another.
Purposes keen, weapons acute.
Wisest, eldest and scarred.

Swarm… …coterie.

Earth’s inheritors.
Bold and laid asunder.
No equal chance nor choice.
Clichés, comforted, sloth.

Crushed… …subdued.

Humble way land wanderer.
Soul keeper and awkward.
Bright and conscious full.
Hope child-like.

Savior… …Canis Lupis Nubilus

© 2012 Andrew Crellin  All rights reserved.

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