by Lisa O’Neil Guerci

When you are ghosted, thank the phantom who taught you in hollow silence what was fantasy,
when you thought it could be real.

Respect the specter of what you once thought “was”~
 the cold unfeeling wisp which never kissed wistful lips

or touched your wishful thinking when you imagined that minds met.
When you fell through a love shaped cloud
and found there was no net.

Wish this apparition it dissipates from your past.

 for ghosts float only into their own future.
In human form they don’t last..

 Let those moody clouds that obscured your dreams drift into memory
though they gifted you briefly~

 feel only the slightest twinge of sadness and regret..maybe even the vapor of vulnerability and foolish trust,

then simply wave it away.

© 2022 Lisa O’Neil Guerci  All rights reserved.

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