Feng Shui

by Shaswata Gangopadhyay

Let us listen to what the Feng Shui experts advise
the middle-aged couple suffering from depression:

1. Just place three crystal balls at the north-east corner
of the room, they may tone up the warmth of relationship
2. The dragon overthere — for its curvy tail and shoulder
just buy it to home, on the bed of sleeping chamber
It’ll tease the body with a lightning flash at dead of night
3. Then after a long stretch of time, the fairy tale begins
Purchase for this a golden ship with sails,
Which, like a dolphin, will carry you on its back
During intercourse-to a grassy green island
4. Do you think what to carry with you? Just touch upon
the laughing smile of Buddha

If all these fail, then in a winter afternoon, on opening the west window,
let the aged couple look at the sunset only

© 2021 Shaswata Gangopadhyay  All rights reserved.

Translated from Bengali to English by Rajdeep Mukherjee.

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