Dada Days Are Here Again

by PW Covington

Hamlet and Frankenstein’s monstrosity dance
Just beyond the high beams
Up outside Los Alamos, tonight
Cool jazz and lo-fi hip-hop
Sativa hybrid atomic side-street rising

All the miles we squared
To face together
Airport concourse laughter and catastrophe
Beer and Bloody Mary breakfast
Past security

Over, around, amid
Preposterous prepositions
Dadaist days are back with quantum fury
Still taking off and landing through the inferno
As we go

Kangaroos at off-the-interstate country stores
South of Raton
Gooseflesh rising for ancient haiku
Poems tacked to the mountain sky door 
Adore and genuflect in glory

Live the lies to make them true

© 2022 PW Covington  All rights reserved.

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