Contrarian voices and status quo

by Sunil Sharma

An act of writing can be bold defiance!

Against the toxic forces operating subtly in various spheres, out to
deny agency and reason, and whip up
hysteria, at every excuse.

Act of stringing together letters, commas, full stops: the syntax, idiom of the body and mind
and begetting newer meanings, styles for new readers
hungry for a voice that counters the prevailing value-system.

It is a walk in the labyrinths erected by the gatekeepers, watched by the wired towers and guards, outsiders to be

Raise the voice!
It is a deadening silence!

Your verses will drown in the chatter at the malls and shops
but these will sure, one day rise up and
bounce back

like the underdogs that cannot be denied their place, for long.

Writing is a gesture of bold faith in a mercenary, inward-looking culture
that is deeply suspicious of the minority that refuses to subscribe to the
official versions and narratives of the State

but the subversive has already slipped in.

© 2022 Sunil Sharma  All rights reserved.

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