Art let me know

by Lisa O’Neil Guerci

Art let me know
it wants to
it needs to

be part of life
be in life
BE life.

Art let me know
it lives in love
is *in* love
with the wild,
untamed words of poetry

in love with the thunderstorm
and your most recent heartbreak

Art let me know
it longs to enter abandoned buildings
in dirty cities

to transform ugly scars into calligraphy
across the canvas of flesh

art let me know
in a whispered secret,
it wants to kiss me in watercolor
turn my briny tears to sweet pastel droplets,

like candy melted
when held in his hands

art let me know
it wants to
fingerpaint on my soul
with childlike abandon

to take
gnarled, reluctant fingers
and soften them

to hold the brush
the microphone
the pen

Art implored me
to write
to recite
 to sing

to paint the world with
wild words

© 2022 Lisa O’Neil Guerci  All rights reserved.

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