A Morning Heraldry

by  John Grey

House is brought
to attention by the sun,
by how much I love you
and how happy I am
and how strong is this milieu
and how the world
operates outside of
how we are to each other
        I gather the inference,
        if you only knew
        eyes staring, your body
        like Samoan isles at dawn
promise never to go there
without love,
or sunrise across the house
and warbling bird song
        as room of the shade
        is pressed into the bright song
        and sparkling notes
        stepping out
        unconcerned for who might sing them
submit to me
of all people,
suddenly, in
the surprise of light
        as you complete the point
        under fresh sky
        out from the eyelids
        unfettered beauty,
        unknown voluptuous secrets,
        an utterly fresh take on melody…
my feeling’s nakedness
gets in the nerves
like waving fronds
and always this breeze here

© 2023 John Grey  All rights reserved.

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