Ouija Board

by John Sheirer

        “What’s our question?” Heather asked from her bed.

        “Will senior year be great?” Suzy offered, sitting upright at Heather’s desk.

        “Boring!” Tisha scolded, sprawled across the floor. “Let’s ask which boys like Wanda!”

        “Yesssss!” Wanda squealed from the beanbag chair.

        They all piled onto Heather’s bed and touched the Ouija board’s heart-shaped indicator. They grew quiet, and Heather spoke in her most serious voice: “Oh, spirits! Who’s got the hots for Wanda!?”

        Heather’s little brother Robbie, hidden in Heather’s closet for three hours, knew his moment had arrived. He banged on the wall until everyone ran screaming from the room.

© 2022 John Sheirer  All rights reserved.

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