Letter from the Editor

Greetings dear reader!

Welcome once again to confetti.

Our second issue comes to you provocative and bustling. We experienced joy and surprise at the number of submissions – not only from our own writers’ group members and local talent, but also a bounty of international submissions. So, this edition brings stories and poems from around the world and perhaps your backyard. Our selectors chose well from a wide range of worthy submissions including non-fiction entries, poetry, a play, and flash fictions. Coincidentally and not consciously in pursuit of a theme, some of the stories have a dark underbelly–itching the Halloween and horror spirits in an exploration of death, turmoil, and tricks. Our poems did not trend to the dying season, rather more towards the fullness of the harvest.

Be sure to check out our featured poet in this issue, Katharine Schulz, whose poetry astounded our selectors in its scope, rhythm, and depth. Our prediction is that you will see more from this young poet as word of her prosodic baubles reaches the eyes and ears of appreciative audiences. Also, help us celebrate the life and works of a departed member of the Westchester Writers Workshop, Scott E. Smith.

We welcome all comments and discussions of the works we publish. Our writers and poets appreciate the feedback and certainly all praise. And finally, thank you for reading!

confetti is a celebration of words!

On behalf of the Board of Editors, submission selectors, and our doughty Webmaster, thank you for reading!

~Gabriel Sebastian

November 2021

Published by Westchester Writers Workshop

Westchester Writers Workshop is a group in Westchester County, New York that meets twice per month to share and critique members' works in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our goal is to help each other become better writers. See the About page for more info about Westchester Writers Workshop.

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