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Picture of Buddy Matt Coughlin

Buddy Matt Coughlin

Born on a Friday night in New Jersey, USA. Kidnapped by my mother at six to hide out in a small town in eastern South Dakota. I found a new stepfather, well-to-do with restaurants all around. He was a gambler and soon Mom had to work for the competition across Main Street. From the split-level above the Sears catalog store we landed in a one-room shack near the edge of town. We couldn’t even get a trailer. Stepdad disappeared and Mom decided it was safe – Back to Jersey City. I learned bass guitar. Played my first bar at the age of fourteen. Glamour!


Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Mary Coughlin

Mary Coughlin

I am 76 years old, retired from substitute teaching. I have 5 children (3 living) and 6 grandchildren. I lived most of my life on Long Island, NY but have resettled in Westchester County, NY for the past 18 years. I enjoy seeing live music, dancing, reading, writing, cooking, and interior design. Also visiting thrift and consignment shops. I sing in our church choir and am the roadie for my husband who is a fabulous singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is very encouraging when it comes to my pursuit of writing.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Andrew Crellin

Andrew Crellin

Raised in the shadows of the Eastern United States’ “Get them before they get YOU” ontology, Andrew has flourished, feeling himself superior to most in his limited scope. Versed in fanfiction, wildlife rhetoric, and women’s studies, he continues to learn that communication through well-timed and articulate verse can open any door, close many a window, and keep one from being eaten by wild animals. Andrew’s interests include philosophy, psychology and homosapien engineering while reading many novels within those genres. He writes his best while sipping a Belgian Quad, a Sour Flemish Ale, or cheap bourbon.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Headshot of J.P.J. Fox

J.P.J. Fox

J.P.J. Fox writes to appease ideas cluttering his alter ego’s mind. Raised in New England, he then moved to Westchester County, New York, but writes from imaginary places. As an introverted Scorpio and veteran middle child, he knows he’s not easy to live with, so writing alone suits him fine. He finds people to be far more fascinating than their social media.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Janet Garber

Janet Garber

Janet Garber is the author of the award-winning satiric novel Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager. When she’s not writing, she’s walking the trails of the lower Hudson Valley, heading off to hear live blues and folk music, teaching her two rescue cats the right way to play. She welcomes visitors to www.janetgarber.com.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Lisa O'Neil Guerci

Lisa O’Neil Guerci

Her longest love affair has been with words. Language, creativity, and self-expression are cardinal points on her compass, while authenticity is her True North. To everything, she applies a poetic lens. She believes in the magic of imagination to transport, transform, and create. Lisa resides in New York with her parakeets, Anam and Cara, and twin Hemingway cats:  Ava and Amelie. A proud mom to two successful adult children and besotted Gigi of two young grandsons, Lisa has worn many hats throughout her extremely non-linear and unconventional life. “Poet” fits best.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Sheldon Hanner

Sheldon Hanner

Shelly Hanner is an autodidact of sorts. During his long life, he has been a government employee, mentor, teacher, and stand-up comedian. He is a collector of fossil fish, framed insects and bats, baseball jerseys, history books, and coins. A lover of the outdoors, he tries to reach his goal of 12k steps daily. He is a happy guy who counts his blessings every day.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of margie marek

margie marek

margie marek (marGmarek)’s biology is an unsolved mystery. She’s a knot-doctor, NOT a licensed medical practitioner, therefore doesn’t prescribe following her footsteps. At age eight, she ate a grape out of her grandma’s deceptively tempting fruit display. Her future-self so thoroughly comprehends wax and plastic digestion and has evolved into a one-woman recycling machine. She aims to up-scale her process, ultimately implementing a global effort to the same end. As self-healing as the Terminator, marGmarek and her puppy Hiro skate through life unscathed. She writes reality-fiction, alternate-reality non-fiction, and poetry; using ridiculously big words while surgically altering otHers to suit herself.

Westchester Writers member

Headshot of Thea Schiller

Thea Schiller

Thea Schiller, a New York poet and psychotherapist facilitates a poetry workshop at the Somers Library in Somers, New York and practices psychotherapy in Connecticut. Her poem, “Sarah,” was the Orchard Poetry Prize winner in Furrow, University of Wisconsin.  Recently, she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and her poems have appeared in The San Diego Annual Poetry Review 2017-2018, Edify Fiction, The Ravens Perch, 4th & Sycamore, Hevria, Lucent Dreaming, and The Tenth Muse as well as numerous other literary journals.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Katharine Schulz

Katharine Schulz

Katharine Schulz is indescribable: stunning, talented, breathtaking, exquisite, completely unique, and most of all modest. Katharine is a friend to all vermin, as she was one in a previous life. She’s deeply interesting and complex, however she’s handicapped by the fact that she cannot stop breaking the first rule of F**** C***. She would like to point fingers at her 2nd grade teacher for allowing her to write 50 poems in one day instead of doing school work, and thank Martin Scorsese for casting Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Headshot of Gabriel Sebastian, Futurist

Gabriel Sebastian, Futurist

Hailing from parts unknown, self-proclaimed fork bending enthusiast and avid duck herder, Gabriel Sebastian has been pretending to write verse and doggerel since nineteen eighty-four. Concurrently seeking a degree in wordsmithery and anti-moon theory, he encourages his own cloning but staunchly opposes cryogenic freezing and genetically modified organisms. Sebastian’s endeavors include surrealist poetry and contemporary fictions.

Westchester Writers Workshop member

Picture of Judy Voss

Judy Voss

Raised in Illinois, Judy attended several universities in Colorado and the Chicago suburbs earning her bachelor’s degree in communications. Early work included commercial writing and marketing communications. She moved to New York in the late 80s where her last job was a director of professional development in the public relations field. Now retired, she focuses on short story fiction. She likes to include humor, sarcasm and farce in many stories but occasionally spends time on more serious topics. Outside interests include gardening, gardening and more gardening.

Westchester Writers member

Picture of Patricia Young
Westchester County, NY

Patricia Young

Patricia’s passion for writing blossomed during a writing retreat in Montana, far from home, where she was encouraged to write outside of her comfort zone. This newly found confidence led to her first published article in Backroads motorcycle touring magazine and two poems chosen for the book Visions: An Anthology of Ekphrastic Poetry. Presently she is working toward publication of her debut crime thriller novel. She credits her family, friends and beloved, diverse, and talented writing circle for their patience, humor, and unwavering support.



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