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Dave Patton

     Thirty years in the Fire service, and was also a union official, which involved writing letters, pamphlets. Travel all over the UK and abroad and took to writing short stories while travelling, waiting, travelling and more waiting.
     Was chatting to an old friend who introduced me to the good people over at the Rum Shack in Glasgow where they did a monthly performance…plays, monologues etc. and after having a few of my pieces performed and meeting up online with the amazing Vivian Lermond, she prodded, cajoled, and bullied me into sending stuff off to various other venues.
     And so, now I’m here, in Michigan writing short plays and monologues mostly.

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George Perreault

George Perreault has published four books, including Bodark County, a collection of poems in the voices of characters living on the Llano Estacado in West Texas. Information is available at www.georgeperreault.com.

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Niles Reddick

Niles Reddick is author of a novel, two collections, and a novella. His work has been featured in over four-hundred-fifty publications including The Saturday Evening Post, PIF, BlazeVox, New Reader Magazine, Citron Review, and The Boston Literary Magazine. He works for the University of Memphis in Tennessee.

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Writer Profiles listed alphabetically by last name


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