The Helicoid

by margie marek The helicoidspiraleddownintothevoid.Getting moreand more annoyed;as,this abysswas endless. On a platform it landed,and figured a “rock bottom” it was handed.With no breeze blowing,nor cow lowing,not a single tree to seeor sway,the helicoid rolled away.To avoid falling backward,it hoped and prayed.As it’s movement went underway,it opted for UP,where the sky isn’t gray;filling it’s daysContinue reading “The Helicoid”

The Original

by margie marek The Carbon-Copy went around making trouble.Looked so much like The Original,everyone thought they were seeing double. The Original receded into the shadow it cast;remandedto be a vestige of its past. Overshadowed by its shadow,The Original dulled,tasted bland,wilted; fell flat.It looked in the mirror and said, “Who’s that?” The Carbon-Copy stole its game;tookContinue reading “The Original”

Writer Profiles M–O

listed alphabetically by last name Terry John Malik      When Terry retired after practicing law for thirty years, his wife implored, “Don’t sit around the house. Write a damn book.” So he did—The Bricklayer of Albany Park. Its awards include Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal; Winner – Mystery/Thriller by M.I.P.A.; and Silver Falchion Award 2018 Finalist byContinue reading “Writer Profiles M–O”