When Perception

by Thea Schiller      When perception          Of Mountain Laurel                The songs of pink and white,                             And polkadot                      Give little birds, a rush and thrush,                        beyond the skunk cabbage, under brush,          And rotted logs, the wood chipped splintery                         Of yesteryear transforms             A path of stillness.            The sky beckons, “Open, I can provide the light” she says.Continue reading “When Perception”

The Dressing Room of the Baby Boomers

by Thea Schiller World War II babies born in mid-forties when men came home from the Front, Hawaii, Europe and Papa New Guinea. Families that could, left the Bronx for Long Island, Westchester, New JerseyWomen that could, wore Satin and Silks dining out with husbandsBut small preteen baby boomer girls dreamt of wearing peasant dressesAnd having artistsContinue reading “The Dressing Room of the Baby Boomers”

Spring 2021 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2021 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  J.P.J. Fox, Janet Garber, Sheldon Hanner, Judy Voss, Patricia Young Non-fiction by:  Buddy Matt Coughlin Poetry by:  Mary Coughlin, Andrew Crellin, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, margie merek, Thea Schiller, Katharine Schulz, Gabriel Sebastian See the full Table of Contents

Writer Profiles S–V

Mahbubat Salahudeen Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen is a writer, poet and spoken words artist. Her works have featured or forthcoming at several places including Spillwords magazine, Brittle Paper, Ice Flow press, Ninshar Arts, Ice Lolly, Arts Lounge, SprinNG journal, Litround journal, Down in the Dirt, Aayo Magazine, Nanty Greens, Cathartic Review, Northern Otter Press, Konya Shamsrumi,Continue reading “Writer Profiles S–V”