bathing in the mississippi

by PW Covington american Danubeamerican Yangtzeamerican Indus, Mekong, Congo, Amazon, Nile, JordanStyxamerican drain, scouring causticamerican vein, ever-bleedinginto the inherent oceanheartof every tearthat fellon The Middle Passagea debta gulfthat Itascanor millions ofwould-be tributariescan ever fill these are watersthat knowhow many drops of painit takesto fill a saxophone bathe here,bathe © 2022 PW Covington  All rights reserved. Click or tapContinue reading “bathing in the mississippi”

Dada Days Are Here Again

by PW Covington Hamlet and Frankenstein’s monstrosity danceJust beyond the high beamsUp outside Los Alamos, tonightCool jazz and lo-fi hip-hopSativa hybrid atomic side-street rising All the miles we squaredTo face togetherAirport concourse laughter and catastropheBeer and Bloody Mary breakfastPast security Over, around, amidPreposterous prepositionsDadaist days are back with quantum furyStill taking off and landing throughContinue reading “Dada Days Are Here Again”

Spring 2022 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2022 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Catherine Alexander, Alex R. Encomienda, J.P.J. Fox, Terry John Malik, Eadbhard McGowan, Malaena Nahmias, Dana Trick, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Jeffrey Feingold Poetry by:   Angela Acosta, Bidisha Chakraborty, Maid Čorbić, PW Covington, Oriada Dajko, TAK Erzinger, Joseph A Farina, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, George Perreault, Mahbubat Salahudeen, Sunil Sharma, Pat St. Pierre, Linda Tancs Play by:   Veronica Brown See the full Table of Contents.