The Wife

by Nick Romeo yelled all morningbring me the CloroxI need to cleanthe bathroomthe kitchenthe hallwaythe officeshe’s lyingshe never cleansanything she wants tocook breakfastfor me © 2023 Nick Romeo  All rights reserved. Click or tap here to see Nick Romeo’s profile.

Spring 2023 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2023 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Alice Archer, William Baker, P.A. Farrell, Mary Walsh Foley, J.P.J. Fox, Calla Gold, Elizabeth Liang, margie marek, Axel Martens, Don Noel, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Susan Bloch, Janice Boland Poetry by:  C. J. Anderson-Wu, W Roger Carlisle, Shuvra Das, D.F., Joseph A Farina, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Edward Lee, margie marek, Lawrence Miles, Chaya Nadi, Malaena Nahmias, Diana Raab, Nick Romeo, Gregg Shapiro, Dominik Slusarczyk, Marianne Tefft, Terry Trowbridge Plays by:  Mark Knight Cover art by:  Janice Boland FEATURES William Teets,Continue reading “Spring 2023 Edition”

Writer Profiles P–R

Dave Patton      Thirty years in the Fire service, and was also a union official, which involved writing letters, pamphlets. Travel all over the UK and abroad and took to writing short stories while travelling, waiting, travelling and more waiting.     Was chatting to an old friend who introduced me to the good people over at the RumContinue reading “Writer Profiles P–R”


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