I Never Understood

by Lisa Low I never understoodbefore, but I understand it now,why the old want to move south: it’s warmthere and the flowers are always in bloom;and you can always be tending them, onyour hands and knees: grateful. © 2023 Lisa Low  All rights reserved. Click or tap here to see Lisa Low’s profile.

The Kiss

by Lisa Low It’s always hard toleave. Shy, I stand farback. If my husbandhugs her, I turn away,fumble with the lock. It’s better for meif the beloved makesthe move, and that timeshe did, my heart poundingquick at the sudden prick and shock of it.“A kiss,” I saidshaking, in a coldsweat and suddenlyquiet, “from Klayis.” © 2023 LisaContinue reading “The Kiss”

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