A Morning Heraldry

by  John Grey House is broughtto attention by the sun,by how much I love youand how happy I amand how strong is this milieuand how the worldoperates outside ofhow we are to each other        I gather the inference,        whisper,        if you only knew        eyes staring, your body        like Samoan isles at dawnpromise never to go therewithout love,or sunrise across theContinue reading “A Morning Heraldry”

Learning a Trade

by John Grey The children areup in their roomplaying their favorite gameof used car salesman. They are the future.But, thoughthey have the shoddy goodsin their yard,so far there’ve been no customers. They’ve the giftof the shyster’s gaband faces that barely twitchwhen they spout false claimsbut no sucker is comingup the stairs,stepping into their quarters,with hisContinue reading “Learning a Trade”

My Evolution

by John Grey How succinctly the seaspeaks to my origin.How triumphantly heaven mounts the sky,stakes out a radiant blueness. One gathers threads of existencedeep beneath.The other skims the hiss of swells,from shoreline to horizon. At my feet, the invisible rolls in.Above me,the scripture is taken upby gull and pelican disciples. On a slow walk alongContinue reading “My Evolution”

End of the Farming Year

by John Grey It’s early November.Trees are shedding leaveslike divas do lovers.Naked limbs shiver,unprepared for thenorth wind invasion.The farmer avertsthe gun to his head,hugs his stock,kisses his haystacks,surrenders his fields tocoming winter.His wife criesthe usual phantom’s tears.Daughter Adele is fifteen,stares at herself in the mirror.Dreams supportwhatever miracles are out there.The farm knows nothing.The bank knowsContinue reading “End of the Farming Year”

Cardinal Spies Its Reflection in a Hub Cap

by John Grey The bird doesn’t admire but threatensits reflection –a rival with scarlet top-notch raised it hops about, girding itselffor battle, flicks its tailback and forth likea reaping hook, shrieksa short, harsh kwut – the cardinal marks its territoryas surely as the onewho parkedthat ’77 Mustang,polishes its preening actas bright as the salacious chromeContinue reading “Cardinal Spies Its Reflection in a Hub Cap”


by John Grey That cabin in the woods,Sam built himself.He cut down trees.He hammered and sawednature into submission.It’s just one roomwith a bed, a table,and a fireplace,but it owes its lifeto his hands,his skill with tools,his determinationto deliver on his vision.A friend of mine paintsbut it’s the roofthat keeps the rain out,not whatever he slapsContinue reading “Construction”

Spring 2023 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2023 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Alice Archer, William Baker, P.A. Farrell, Mary Walsh Foley, J.P.J. Fox, Calla Gold, Elizabeth Liang, margie marek, Axel Martens, Don Noel, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Susan Bloch, Janice Boland Poetry by:  C. J. Anderson-Wu, W Roger Carlisle, Shuvra Das, D.F., Joseph A Farina, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Edward Lee, margie marek, Lawrence Miles, Chaya Nadi, Malaena Nahmias, Diana Raab, Nick Romeo, Gregg Shapiro, Dominik Slusarczyk, Marianne Tefft, Terry Trowbridge Plays by:  Mark Knight Cover art by:  Janice Boland FEATURES William Teets,Continue reading “Spring 2023 Edition”

Fall 2022 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Fall 2022 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Steve Carr, William Cass, DC Diamondopolous, J.P.J. Fox, Scott Archer Jones, Sharyn Kolberg, Mario Lowther, Don Noel, Niles Reddick, Kristin H. Sample, John Sheirer, Adam Strassberg, Leon Taylor, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Malaena Nahmias Poetry by:  R. A. Allen, Dennis J Bernstein, Matt Chalmers, James Cochran, John Dorroh, Joshua Gage, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Jack D. Harvey, Mary Kennelly, Chelsie Kreitzman, Allan Lake, Oksana Lizunova, DS Maolalai, Paweł Markiewicz, Nazanin Mirsadeghi, Susan Oleferuk, Gerard Sarnat, William Teets Art by:  Janice Williams See the full TableContinue reading “Fall 2022 Edition”