Fall 2022 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Fall 2022 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Steve Carr, William Cass, DC Diamondopolous, J.P.J. Fox, Scott Archer Jones, Sharyn Kolberg, Mario Lowther, Don Noel, Niles Reddick, Kristin H. Sample, John Sheirer, Adam Strassberg, Leon Taylor, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Malaena Nahmias Poetry by:  R. A. Allen, Dennis J Bernstein, Matt Chalmers, James Cochran, John Dorroh, Joshua Gage, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Jack D. Harvey, Mary Kennelly, Chelsie Kreitzman, Allan Lake, Oksana Lizunova, DS Maolalai, Paweł Markiewicz, Nazanin Mirsadeghi, Susan Oleferuk, Gerard Sarnat, William Teets Art by:  Janice Williams See the full TableContinue reading “Fall 2022 Edition”

Cover – Fall 2022

Cover art “Tree of Many Colors” by Janice Williams Click or tap anywhere on the cover image above to see to the Table of Contents

An Embarrassment of Riches

Greetings dear reader! Welcome once again to confetti. For this edition, our fourth issue, we found ourselves reading one engaging and well written story after another and facing the challenge of choosing publish-worthy pieces. Of the more than one hundred poems submitted this time around, each was beautiful or provocative or eloquent in its ownContinue reading “An Embarrassment of Riches”