Spring 2023 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2023 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Alice Archer, William Baker, P.A. Farrell, Mary Walsh Foley, J.P.J. Fox, Calla Gold, Elizabeth Liang, margie marek, Axel Martens, Don Noel, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Susan Bloch, Janice Boland Poetry by:  C. J. Anderson-Wu, W Roger Carlisle, Shuvra Das, D.F., Joseph A Farina, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Edward Lee, margie marek, Lawrence Miles, Chaya Nadi, Malaena Nahmias, Diana Raab, Nick Romeo, Gregg Shapiro, Dominik Slusarczyk, Marianne Tefft, Terry Trowbridge Plays by:  Mark Knight Cover art by:  Janice Boland FEATURES William Teets,Continue reading “Spring 2023 Edition”


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Canned Peas

by Janice Boland Canned peas, canned carrots, canned peas and carrots. Canned green beans, canned asparagus, canned lima beans. Canned juice—pulpy and gagging. Yuk. My mother had taken a course in Health and Nutrition when she was at NYU and was taught that canned food was safe, nutritious, sterilized and sanitary, while fresh fruits andContinue reading “Canned Peas”

A New Collection of Eclectic Expressions

Greetings dear reader! Welcome once again to confetti. For this edition, our fifth installment, we trundle out of semi-winter blinking and peeking toward a bright, new Spring.  Time once again for poetry, prose, plays and stories. Contained within our digital pages is a new collection of eclectic expressions.  Poems, fictions, and some new feature articlesContinue reading “A New Collection of Eclectic Expressions”


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Writer Profiles A–C

Angela Acosta Angela Acosta is a bilingual Latina poet and Ph.D. Candidate in Iberian Studies at The Ohio State University. She was recently nominated for Best of the Net and she is a 2022 Dream Foundry Contest for Emerging Writers finalist. Her speculative poetry has or will appear in On Spec, Eye to the Telescope,Continue reading “Writer Profiles A–C”