The Forest

by James Croal Jackson No, the groundis not sinking.And yes,I believein us,thoughwe maytear apartin twodirections.I desire pines,and you wantthe unknown,heading up, and up.Our hands havebeen tiedtogether.Years now.And you sayyou see the clearing,but I am losingmyselfin the trees. © 2023 James Croal Jackson  All rights reserved. Click or tap here to see James Croal Jackson’s profile.


by James Croal Jackson Whatever power dynamic carburetor heat enginelightning car accident awestruck hum? Sign meoff of your autographed lemons. Peach sticki-ness on the homefront wonderwall water coolerlaughability. The job’s a job don’t make itawkward staircase holly oxen pulling the cartup the hill, old buffalo, the sneering stare,the huff of whoever is there. © 2023 James CroalContinue reading “Dynamic”

Strangers with Appreciation

by James Croal Jackson IN BOUNDLESS EXPANSEBETWEEN JOB AND SILENCENOSTALGIA AND THE EVER-LIVING PRESENT I SIT IN FRONTOF A PROJECTOR SCREENCOOLED BY THE WINDOWUNIT I CAN DERIVE NOMORE MEANING TO VIDEOGAMES NO                                it is the purpose of a stranger to dream                                for me to be engaged so in his fever                                your creativity is what I want                                now that IContinue reading “Strangers with Appreciation”


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