Spring 2022 Edition

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2022 edition of confetti. CONTRIBUTORS Fiction by:  Catherine Alexander, Alex R. Encomienda, J.P.J. Fox, Terry John Malik, Eadbhard McGowan, Malaena Nahmias, Dana Trick, Judy Voss Non-fiction by:  Jeffrey Feingold Poetry by:   Angela Acosta, Bidisha Chakraborty, Maid Čorbić, PW Covington, Oriada Dajko, TAK Erzinger, Joseph A Farina, John Grey, Lisa O’Neil Guerci, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, George Perreault, Mahbubat Salahudeen, Sunil Sharma, Pat St. Pierre, Linda Tancs Play by:   Veronica Brown See the full Table of Contents.

Writer Profiles M–O

Terry John Malik      When Terry retired after practicing law for thirty years, his wife implored, “Don’t sit around the house. Write a damn book.” So he did—The Bricklayer of Albany Park. Its awards include Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal; Winner – Mystery/Thriller by M.I.P.A.; and Silver Falchion Award 2018 Finalist by Killer Nashville. Before Bricklayer TerryContinue reading “Writer Profiles M–O”


by Eadbhard McGowan Index of persons Romano Fabri             Vice Questore in the Questura in Rome – Deputy CommissionerSergente Mario           Fabri’s sergente. Sergeant in the police, the assistant of a commissionerDr Enrico Forno           Dirigente generale di pubblica sicurezza. Superior of Fabri.Dottore Sfondrini        District judgeProfessore Pruneti      Member of P3Domenica Schiavone  Owner of a trattoriaManuela De Santis      Bistro ownerAmbros Vitale             BankContinue reading “Surface”